CERCIGUI has currently functioning two residences: the Residence I located in the parish of Rendufe and Residence II located in the parish of S. João de Ponte, in the municipality of Guimarães.
The Residences, constitute themselves as a social response in equipment developed for accommodation in a context of assisted collective residence in providing individualized care to people with disabilities.


  • Provide effective support to promote the exercise of autonomy in a perspective of co-responsibility;
  • Develop strategies to enhance self-esteem, appreciation and personal and social autonomy, ensuring the conditions for participation in the organization and management of daily life, in accordance with the respective capabilities;
  • Promote an environment that approaches the familiar model and promote good relationships between residents and between them and the community;
  • Encourage and promote the frequency of structures of education, occupational centers, vocational training, protected employment and access to the regular labor market and participation in leisure activities, sports and others.

Destined to:

People with disabilities in risk without social or family support.

Areas of Intervention

  • Assist in personal hygiene and meals;
  • Provide adequate food to customers' needs;
  • Ensure treatment of clothing;
  • Provide functional accommodation, essential for the comfort and welfare of clients
  • Ensuring the conditions for the provision of clinical care and nursing as well as access to special health care.

  • Personal Development; welfare;
  • Socio Recreational and Social Inclusion Leisure Activities