The Center for Rehabilitation and Vocational Training CERCIGUI main objective is to enhance socio-professional integration of people with disabilities or inability, with minimum age for work.
This center, with over 20 years of history, has developed throughout its existence several actions which promote the acquisition and development of personal, professional, social and relational target group, thus contributing to build a more inclusive society.
It is currently framed and financed by the Operational Programme Human Potential (POPH), axis 6 "Citizenship, Inclusion and Social Development" - typology of Intervention 6.2 - "Qualification of Persons with Disabilities or Disability."

Destined to:

The developed actions are aimed at people with disabilities or disability who reunite the following conditions:
Completed compulsory education or aged 18 years to the date of the beginng of the training, without adequate qualifications to practice a profession or occupation of a job.
Unemployed persons who wish to improve the respective qualifications aimed at job retention, career development or re-enter the labor market.

Training Courses

  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Carpenter Clean
  • Operator of Wood and Furniture
  • Dressmaker Working in Series
  • Computer Operator
  • Screen Printing / Stamping Operator
  • Civil locksmith
  • Civil Construction Servant