CERCIGUI has currently two CAO (occupational centers): I CAO / Ponte, located in S. João de Ponte, and CAO II / Head office in the city of Guimarães.The Occupational Activity Centers are a social response which complete the real needs of people with disabilities.


Encourage and facilitate the possible development of remaining capacities of persons with disabilities;
  • Facilitate social integration;
  • Facilitate the reference of people with disabilities, when possible, to appropriate programs of social integration.

Destined to:

  Young / adults, aged 16 + with intellectual disability / multiple disabilities, who do not gather conditions of employment and residing in the geographic area of the County.

Areas of Intervention

  • Sports / Therapeutic Activities - intended to allow physical-functional and sensory stimulation in promoting interpersonal relationship skills, self-determination, autonomy, welfare, citizenship and social participation.
  • Strictly Occupational Activities - aim to stimulate socialization and balance in the various dimensions of the client's life (physical, emotional and social) making him more active and participative.
  • Socially Useful Activities - aims to increase self-esteem and personal and social enhancement, to promote his independence and his potential. When possible, the transition for activities more "professionalized" is provided within the institution or in the surroundings.
  • Enrichment Activities - considered all activities guided by expert volunteers in activities recognized in the comprehensive development of the client.