The Home Support Service is a social response that consists in providing individualized and personalized care at home or in organizing people and their families, when by reason of illness, disability or other impediment, cannot temporarily or permanently ensure the satisfaction of basic needs and / or activities of daily life.


  • Contribute to improving the quality of life of clients and their families;
  • To prevent situations of dependency and promote personal and social autonomy of the client;
  • To provide physical and psychosocial care for the clients and their families, to contribute to their balance and physical and psychological welfare;
  • Provide emotional and structural support to the families of clients;
  • Helping clients to satisfy his basic needs, activities of daily life, socialization, among other.

Destined to:

Persons with disabilities who cannot satisfy temporarily or permanently their basic needs and / or activities of daily life

Areas of Intervention

  • Hygiene and Care of personal comfort either at home or in the organization;
  • Monitoring of clients to medical appointments with their families;
  • Structural support for families;
  • Emotional support to families (information / guidelines / emotional support);
  • Distribution of meals to clients in the organization;
  • Promotion of various activities with clients in the organization: Physical Education, Adapted Swimming, Activities of Daily Life, Socialization, bodybuilding, regional dances, Thai Chi, Movement Music and Drama, etc..