The CERCIGUI - Co-operative Society for Education and Rehabilitation and of Inadapted Citizens from the region of Guimarães is an institution, created in 1977 in order to support Guimarães’ population with mental disabilities as well as their families.

Since then, the services done to the community have been expanded, even geographically. At the moment there are different types of work and services being done.

  • Educational Center – since 1977
  • Domiciliary support service – since 1988
  • Rehabilitation and Training Center – since 1990
  • Occupational Activities Center I/Ponte – since 1995
  • Occupational Activities Center II/Sede – since 1998
  • Residential Home I/Rendufe – since 2000
  • Inclusion Resources Center – since 2009
  • Residential Home II/Ponte –since 2010


  • To promote the support and inclusion of the citizens with disabilities.
  • To promote the development of the capacities of children, youngs and adults with disabilities or with other serious problems related to social insertion.


To promote the social insertion of people with disabilities according to the ethical code.

Types of Disability:

  • Mental
  • Motor
  • Multideficiency
  • Learning difficulties
  • Young people in social risk

 Nowadays, CERCIGUI serves approximately 450 people in the various spacies inside the institution and in schools in the region of Guimarães and Vizela, trough different support services and programs.

The institution employs 94 workers.